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Ever since childhood, I have been fascinated with the beauty, design and intricacy of God's creation. In my youth I spent countless hours wandering through the woods and wilderness areas of rural Massachusetts by myself, delighting in the amazing flora, fauna and inanimate objects I discovered.


My first attempts to express my discoveries through drawing and painting were greatly limited by my detailed, time-consuming style. When as a teenager I received a Kodak Instamatic 126 camera, excitedly I took a closeup shot of a beautiful flower and impatiently waited for the developed print to come back. Unaware that the camera's minimum focus distance was 6 feet, I was profoundly disappointed when the eagerly-awaited print revealed a large pink blob! That experience began my search for a way to take quality close-up photographs. Gradually I acquired more advanced cameras, eventually even an SLR with some close-up filters. However, money for photography was usually scarce, and by the time I could develop a roll of film I'd usually forgotten the settings I used, so my skills grew slowly. Therefore I focused most of my creative energy into art work rather than photography.


I began as as an art major at the University of Massachusetts, but the art curriculum at that time did not fit with my creative vision, so eventually I switched my major and graduated with a B.A. in psychology. Afterward, I spent 11 years with a short-term missions organization (Youth With A Mission), including training and working as a graphic artist, and administratively leading the first School of Illustration at the University of the Nations in Kailua-Kona, HI.


In 1989 I moved to Pasadena, California to attend Art Center College of Design as an illustration major. After I had completed 3 terms, several life events hindered me from continuing my studies there, but I am thankful for the artistic foundation I received in the classes I did attend. While living in California in the 90's, I launched Heartcreations as a freelance art business, and taught a community fee class, "Drawing with Ink", at Pasadena City College.


Then, in 2003, I purchased my first digital camera, and for the next 2 or 3 years photographed everything in sight. By 2004, I began selling blank greeting cards and photographic prints to acquaintances and at local art and craft fairs. Over the next few years (and cameras), I gradually advanced to a DSLR (Canon t3i). Although I've had little formal photography training other than a couple of short online classes, I can't really say that I am "self-taught", because I have voraciously read online articles, blogs & ebooks on all aspects of photography by a myriad of authors, as well as watched multiple online videos. All of these have helped me tremendously, and I am very grateful for those who are willing to share their expertise in this way.


In 2002, I married my wonderful husband John. Although born and raised in the US, John is 100% Romanian and has a heart to minister to his people. Together we have been part-time missionaries to Romania since 2003. John is also an adventurer, so I have had the privilege of traveling to many places in the US as well as to several other countries since I began my digital photography ventures. In 2010 we returned to the home where I grew up in Massachusetts, to care for my parents, who have both now passed on to their heavenly home. Currently I am re-exploring my childhood haunts and discovering new ones, this time with camera in hand.


The photos on this website cover the spectrum of digital cameras I have used and locations where I have lived or traveled. I hope that they will be a blessing and inspiration to all who visit the site. If you would like to know more about any photo, or about the Creator of the wonders contained in these photos, please feel free to email me at heartcreations@yahoo.com